We've been getting lots of emails and phone calls from people who are not familiar with this type of convention and the big question is: What exactly is HorrorFind Weekend?

So here's the short answer: P.T. Barnum had "The Greatest Show On Earth" with his circus, HorrorFind has "The Spookiest Show On Earth" with the HorrorFind Weekend.

Remember the scary movies you watched maybe when you were a kid or maybe just yesterday, now you can meet and get autographs from celebrities who starred in some of those movies - that's HorrorFind.

Read some good scary fiction that gave you nightmares, can't get enough horror fiction and have thought to yourself how cool it would be to meet some authors - that's HorrorFind.

Love Halloween, like getting in costume or decorating the yard to have fun with Trick or Treaters, want to learn the scare secrets of the pros by attending a prop seminar and meet others who love Halloween and haunting as much as you - that's HorrorFind.

Like a good ghost story, have an interest in ghosts or the paranormal, want to ask questions of experts who deal with ghosts, demons and supernatural or just hear what they have to say - that's HorrorFind.

Just want to shop for cool movie memoribilia, videos, dolls, masks, Halloween props or hundreds of other items you won't find anywhere else - that's HorrorFind.

Just want to have dinner at a restaurant, have a few drinks and see an outside showing of an old horror movie on a warm summer night - that's HorrorFind.

Those things and so much more make up the HorrorFind Weekend. So come on out, get a few autographs from your favorite horror movies stars; pick up a few good books and get them signed by the author; shop the GIANT vendors room till your hearts content; sit in on a Halloween Haunt seminar; listen to an author read excerpts from a new novel; grab a drink and a bite to eat; get dressed in costume and join in the fun at the costume contest; stay up late for a scary outside movie; attend the midnight theatrical seance and have fun. Do any or all of these things, you decide!

That is the HorrorFind Weekend "The Spookiest Show On Earth".

People from all age groups and backgrounds attend the convention and have a scary good time, you won't find a better more fun loving crowd of people anywhere.

Thanks and see you there!
The HorrorFind staff