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Please review our policies carefully.


Due to the large amount of press requests we receive an application form has been set up to handle them. Press interested in covering HorrorFind Weekend should apply in advance; the cutoff date for Press applications is July 7th and we will only accept applications from professional media once HorrorFind Weekend is underway.

Application Procedure

If you are interested in attending our event as a member of the press, you must first fill out the form below with the info required for Press consideration. Generally speaking, you will need to provide basic info & may be asked for credentials that confirm your status as press; if you have previously, covered the event, press may need to provide a link to last year's coverage or otherwise confirm status.

Everyone who holds a Press access tag must also have an attendee wristband. There are no exceptions!

In certain cases, HorrorFind may choose to issue organizations with complimentary admission to the convention. If your application for Press access is accepted, and you are eligible for complimentary admission, this will be indicated in your acceptance email. If your application for Press access is accepted, and you are not eligible for a complimentary admission, you must pay for admission. No one will be admitted to the convention without an attendee wristband. To pay for your admission follow the link you'll receive in the acceptance email.

If your application is approved, you will receive a Confirmation email. Please save this email, because you will need to show it when you pick up your Press access tag.

Picking Up Your Press Tag

When you arrive at the convention head to the WILL CALL line at the regisrtation table. You will need to show a valid photo ID and the confirmation email to get your Press access tag. Without your Press access tag, you will not have access to cover the event or request interviews with Guests.

After the convention, we would appreciate a courtesy copy of your coverage for our records.

Press Application Guidelines

Print Media: Must be in publication prior to January 1, 2019, with a circulation of least 5,000 per issue. It must be published at least quarterly.

Freelance Press:If you are a freelance writer, journalist, or photographer, please list where you've been published (link to online articles is acceptable)

Student Press:If you are a student, covering HorrorFind Weekend for your school or university, upon request you may be asked to submit a letter from your supervising teacher or editor, preferably on school/university letterhead, stating that you are covering HorrorFind Weekend on assignment.

Broadcast Media:If you are a broadcast journalist or photographer, please include info about what station/location you'll be broadcasting the coverage on.

Web-based Press: -Your website:
Must have 10,000+ hits/month and at least 1,000+ unique visitors per month.
Must be updated at least twice monthly.
Must be realative ot the theme of the event
-Independent Bloggers/Podcaster's Sites:
Must have been live on or before January 1, 2019.
Must have 30,000+ hits per month and at least 5,000+ unique visitors per month.
Blogs must be updated, on average, at least 5 times per week. Content must be primarily related to Horror, Halloween, & spooky subjects. Exceptions may be made. If you have any questions, please contact us Podcasts must have at least one broadcast per week, where the topic is primarily related to Horror, Halloween & spooky subjects.

Please Note:

Press access tags only give you access to cover the event for publishing purposes. They do not offer access to the convention on their own.

All applicants for Press access must register as convention attendees. There are no exceptions. Every person in possession of a Press access tag at HorrorFind Weekend must wear their admission wristband at all times.

Press must have the Press access tag visible at all times. If you do not wear your admission wristband badge, you will not have access to the convention.

Submitting a request for Press access does not guarantee that you will receive Press access.

The total number of Press access tags is limited; as such every name submitted for your organization may not receive Press access.

Application Form

Please read the requirements for Press applications carefully. If you application is missing anything, it may be denied or delayed.

Your name: *
Email: *
Organization/Publication Name: *
Phone: *
If appliable, please provide names of the others in your organization who plan to attend as Press, as well as their email address(es):
Organization/Publication Website: *
Have you covered HorrorFind Weekend Before?: *
If so, please provide website link to coverage or indicate when/where coverage appeared: *