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1 - Specially Autographed Book by Bruce Campbell
1 - Copy Best of Horrorfind Anthology Book
1 - Horrorfind Weekend 2001 T- Shirt
10 - Original Bag of Horrors Bag #1 Convention Bags

See pictures and descriptions of products below.

A 60.00 value for $39.95 SOLD OUT!

IF CHINS COULD KILL by Bruce Campbell, Autographed at show by Bruce.
Each book has a different headline by Bruce.
There are only 39 of these autographed by Bruce for the show in the entire world.

The Best Of Horrorfind Limited Edition Anthology Book Editted by Brian Keene
with Original cover art by Thomas M. Arensberg. Plus a Horrorfind Weekend Show Program.

A Horrorfind Weekend 2001 T-Shirt - Limited Edition of 200 shirts.
Note: size will be either lg or x-lg Black shirt with above graphic.

The Horrorfind Weekend 2001 Bag-O-Horrors Convention Bag #1
Orange Bag with above Original Art by Thomas M. Arensberg
Great for Halloween or as a collectible. Ten Bags Given Per Order!

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