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Horrorfind Weekend 2005
Vendor Info

Greetings Horrorfind Weekend Vendor,

The Horrorfind Weekend is just around the corner. Guests, plans and promotions are all on track for a packed event. Below you will find some information concering location and setup at the show. Vendor badges WILL NOT be mailed. They can be picked up at the admission booth on Friday August 19, which will be staffed at 10:00am.

August 19 - Setup 11:00am - 4:30pm - Dealers Room opens 5:00pm - 10:00pm
August 20 - Dealers room opens 10:00am - 7:00pm (dealers may get into dealers room early 9:00am)
August 21 - Dealers room opens 11:00am - 5:00pm (dealers may get into dealers room early 10:00am)

August 19 - setup starts at 11:00am NO EARLIER
Please DO NOT attempt to load from front entrance of hotel.
The hotel is going to be very strict about this.
There is a loading dock that puts you right next to the dealers room.
When you arrive, check in at our admission booth and you will be directed to the proper loading area.

Marriott Hunt Valley Inn
245 Shawan Rd
Hunt Valley, Md 21031

The hotel will ONLY hold items for those with reservations at the hotel. Items should be addressed as follows.
Marriott Hunt Valley Inn
Attn: (Your Name)
Hold for Arrival on (check-in date)
245 Shawan Rd
Hunt Valley, Md 21031
DO NOT send items Attn: Horrorfind because it will be mixed with our shipments and cause problems. We will not be responsible for your shipments period.

If you have an electricity spot, please remember to bring your own cords, power strips, etc.
The hotel will charge you rental fees if you ask for these items from them.
Be courteous to your neighbor, try not to block views or obstruct them.
Please DO NOT NAIL to walls, doors of floor, YOU will be responsible for damage costs if you do.
Phone lines or av equipment costs are your responsibility. Please call the hotel to arrange either.
Vendors, Please be sure that you have the legal right to sell copyrighted or trademarked material
- inspectors do sometimes check conventions for bootleg/ stolen / illegal materials.
We don't need the trouble and you don't need the trouble.

Any video footage shot at the Horrorfind Weekend convention may only be used for personal use.
No video footage or audio coverage of the convention or of interviews with celebrities is allowed for any commercial use whatsoever unless you have specificly received written permission from LLC prior to the convention.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 443-465-0645

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