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Show Hours:
Friday August 15: Show Starts 5:00pm to 10pm
Saturday August 16: Dealer's and Celebrity Rooms Open 10am - 7pm
Saturday August 16: Special events, shows, movies and party from 6pm on...
Sunday August 17: Dealer's Rooms Open 11am - 5pm

Frequently Asked Questions

I am only coming to see one celebrity, can you guarantee I will get to meet that person?
There is NO and can be NO guarantee that you will get to meet any one particular guest. We try our best to make it so that as many people as possible can get to meet the guests they want. Most people are able to meet lots of guests and even the longest line guests. However due to the popularity of certain guests the lines can get very long and time can run out.
We bring in a nice assortment of guests and have lots of great events, We ask that you come to the convention to enjoy the WHOLE convention and celebrity lineup, not just ONE single celebrity.
So keep in mind, there will be lines for certain guests and time can run out.

Do celebrities charge for autographs?
Most celebrities do charge for autographs, many supply a photo or other memorabilia that they'll autograph for you. The amount charged for autographs varies by celebrity, authors generally sign the book that you buy.

Will celebrities be available to sign autographs during the entire convention?
Yes, with the exception of one or two most of them will be available to sign the entire convention during dealers room hours. In the case where a guest will only be available for a few hours per day we will post that information very soon for that guest. We make every attempt to make sure as many people as possible can get an autograph from that guest also.

Can I bring a camera and photograph celebrities?
Yes! bring your camera, there will be lots of things going on that make for great photos. As far as taking photos or appearing in photos with one of the celebrities, well that is up to each individual celebrity that you ask. If you wait in line to see a celebrity to get their autograph they are generally happy to do it. You'll find that guests at our convention are very cool people, most of them are having as much fun as you are. Asking first is the key, if a guest says no or just one or two pictures then please respect that.

What if the celebrity I really wanted to see cancels and does not make the show for some reason, can I get a refund on my ticket?
Horrorfind does not list or announce any guest celebrity that we have not personally spoken to and confirmed for the show. That being said, of course there are extreme circumstances that may arise that might make it impossible for a guest to make it. In the event of an extreme circumstance causing a guest to cancel, we will make every effort to get another comparable guest. So in answer to the question, we will not refund a ticket based on a cancellation outside of our control. We ask that you come to the convention to enjoy the WHOLE show and celebrity lineup, not just ONE single star or author.

I am not in Maryland, do people come in from out of town for this show?
Yes! people come from all over the place for this show. Many people come and stay at the convention hotel for the entire event, see the Location page for hotel details. Please note the hotel sells out fast, reserve early.

What kind of vendors will be there?
Our vendors list is large and diverse, there will be vendors selling all kinds of books, collectibles, posters, movies, rare original memorabilia, models, games, kits, toys, art as well as Halloween vendors selling costumes, props, videos, lighting, special effects and more. The list is almost endless our dealers rooms will be sold out and filled with vendors.

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