Celebrity Room Hours

  • Friday 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Movie & TV Guests

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Note: Kane Hodder cancelled due to filming.

Author guests - more coming - reading schedule to follow...

Horror Fiction Writers


Samhain Publishing


Samhain Publishing


Samhain Publishing

Ronald Malfi

Samhain Publishing

Brian Moreland

Samhain Publishing

Mick Ridgewell
Samhain Publishing

Hunter Shea

Samhain Publishing

Damien Walters Grintalis

Samhain Publishing

Nicole Vlachos

Mike Aloisi

Fighting Real Monsters at the Scares That Care! table in the Dealers Area!

Halloween, Haunt & Paranormal Guests

Rachel Hoffman
Team Leader

Having been touched by the afterlife since birth, the quest, venture to explore and understand what happens when we move on, had her searching out for as long as she can remember. Running towards the danger in every situation, Rachel has uncovered evidence that arguably surpasses a great deal in comparison to other televised and reported events. She is committed to always challenging the adventure.
       Tina Storer
Team Braveheart

The expert photographer with a keen eye and heart of gold. Bravely, she surpasses the impulse to run, staring the paranormal in the face and asking it to smile big for the camera. She has won the title “brave heart” since she faces her fears in the name of our paranormal xpeditions.
The Patient Creatures have been appearing at haunted attractions since 1987, including ten years as featured performers at Six Flags America's "Fright Fest." They have also appeared at film festivals, media conventions, schools, libraries, community events, and parties of all kinds throughout the northeast U.S. Look for Grim & Kuzibah roaming the convention entertaining attendees throughout the weekend.

Entertainment / Performers

Come witness feats of human endurance and curiosities--no tricks, no illusions, extremely extreme and more bizarre than a bazaar. The Scarred & Dangerous Thrill Show is a modern day traveling sideshow act performing record breaking stunts you won't see anywhere else in the world!

Armed with a mouthy barker, a twelve-foot Burtonesque circus tent, multiple unusual members of the Trundle Manor, and the appropriate amount of showmanship, the Trundle Creepshow strives to bring something completely memorable to life everywhere they travel.