Part of this year's Horrorfind Weekend
Your convention admission gets you into the film festival too!

Our film review and award committee members are fair, impartial, and thorough. Most of all, they understand exactly how hard it is to make a film. They want to showcase the very best that the independent horror film community has to offer - and help them to garner the recognition they deserve.

Our awards consist of the following:

Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Special Effects, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay and "Fan Favorite."

We invite all independent horror filmmakers to submit their work. The HorrorFind Weekend Film Festival runs at the same time and location as The HorrorFind Weekend Convention, so the opportunity for your film to be seen by many of the attendees during the weekend is greatly increased.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us ou can email filmfest@horrorfind.com.

FILM FESTIVAL SCHEDULE Location: Gateway Theater : Theater 2


6:00pm "Bury Me Again" -Don Dapp
7:45pm "The Crossing" - Brandon Bentley
8:00pm "The Darkness and Tom Markos" - Matt Matzen
9:00pm "Psycho Therapy" - Joshua Nelson
9:40pm "Living Deadhead" - James Korloch
10:00pm "Dangerous Deception" - Lee Doll


10:00am "Dating A Zombie" - Jack Abele
11:25am "Backtrack 2.0" - Jake Kennedy
11:40am "Cougars" - Lonnie Martin
12:00pm "Hike" - Jennifer Campbell
12:10pm "Living With Lycanthropy" - Charles Kline
12:25pm "Never Dream - The Beginning" - Carl Randolph
12:45pm "Dead Love" - Brian Greenwell
1:00pm "Nailbiter" - Patrick Rea
2:20pm "Room 4C" - Jason Tostevin
2:30pm "Hellfire" - Frank Garfi
4:30pm "The Gnome Before Christmas" - Angela Pritchett
4:40pm "Teddy" - Kevin Sommerfield
4:45pm "Hells Belle's" - Christian Ackerman
5:00pm "The Haunting of Pearson Place" - Charles R. Young
(Saturday ends at 6:50 p.m.)


10:00am "The Serpent's Tongue" - John Shade
11:30am "Long Pig" - Mike Lombardo
11:50am "Birthday Boys" - Rafael De Leon Jr.
12:05pm "The Lady In Black" - RJ Weyant
12:10pm "Mr. Bubbles" - Angela Pritchett
12:15pm "Snow Shark" - Sam Qualina
1:35pm "Forbidden Room" - Mark Byrne
3:00pm Awards Presentation