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Mike Roden

Sybil Danning

Horrorfind Staff
(Roy, Ian, Nate, & Jess)

Horrorfind Staff
(Roy, Karen, Dale & Kristin)

Costume Contest Judges

Costume Contest Judges

Tony Todd & Ken Foree

Joe Pilato & friend

Howard Sherman

Jeff Leiberman

Priscilla Barnes

Kane Hodder

Charles Cyphers & Nancy Loomis

Alex Vincent

Cerina Vincent

John Carl Buechlar

Gina Fargo

Kim's Krypt

Happy Cloud Pictures

Horrorfind Staff
(Ben, Dodge & Pat)

Horrorfind Staff (Chad & Rosie)

Total Fright Productions

Erin Gray

TimeWarp Films

Jodi from Rue Morgue Magazine

Teddy Scares

Horrorfind Admission Booth

Joe Pilato & friend

Horrorfind Security (Mike & Family)

Frazer Lee

Horrorfind Staff

Horrorfind Staff


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Photos taken by Karyn Valentine
Horrorfind Weekend 2006 Official Photographer
Photos 2006 horrorfind.com


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