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The HorrorFind Weekend Horror Art Show

HorrorFind Weekend is pleased to PRESENT the THIRD HorrorFind Weekend Horror Art Show.

Arranged and directed by veteran dark artist Chad Savage, the Art Show will feature drawings, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, dolls and other creative products of dark and morbid minds.

This is a juried show. The same jury that presides over the annual World Horror Convention Art Show and spookyART.com's Gallery will review samples from artists wishing to participate in the HorrorFind Weekend Horror Art Show to ensure that attendees of HorrorFind Weekend will be met with a quality showing of horror, haunted, Halloween, gothic, dark fantasy and otherwise dark art.


If you'd like to exhibit your work at HorrorFind Weekend 2007, please read the following guidelines and follow the instructions provided.

To be kept up-to-date on the HorrorFind Weekend Horror Art Show, join the Art Show Mailing List.

By purchasing Art Show panels, tables or Print Shop space, you indicate that you have read and agree with these guidelines and rules.

The Art Show Rules & Guidelines are subject to modification/revision as necessary. Artists are encouraged to check back periodically for updates.


The Jury Process

Artists who wish to participate in the HorrorFind Weekend Horror Art Show must submit their work for jurying prior to the convention. Submission does NOT guarantee acceptance. Artwork should be of general interest to the horror/dark fantasy community, and must display a reasonable degree of skill and ability. All traditional media are acceptable; unusual art forms, art that requires a power supply, art that is large/heavy, or art that may present a risk to HorrorFind Weekend (HFW) attendees will be considered and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Acceptance into the Art Show puts the accepted artist under absolutely no obligation. If an accepted artist decides not to show, s/he may simply not register. Artists need only be juried once, ever - once passed, artists are welcome to show at any subsequent HFW Horror Art Show.

NOTE: Artists who have already been juried into the World Horror Convention Art Show are automatically juried into the HFW Horror Art Show.


  1. Email a link to your images, web site or online gallery to Chad Savage <<< THIS IS THE PREFERRED METHOD.
    Please make sure your links are accurate - dead links won't be investigated.

    DO NOT SEND A LINK TO A MYSPACE.COM PAGE, PLEASE. MySpace is not equipped to display your artwork to non-members and, frankly, you can do better. We recommend http://www.deviantart.com.
  2. Email no less than 3 and no more than 10 image files to Chad Savage.
    • Image files should be no larger than 600 pixels in width or height, 72 dpi, and should not exceed 150K each.
    • .GIF, .JPG, .TIF, .PNG, .PSD or .EPS files are acceptable.
    • Images may be sent in a .ZIP or .SIT file
    • MAC USERS: Make sure your files have the proper .XXX file extension for PC-based viewing
    • If you send a virus with your images, you will be blacklisted from future submissions. So be careful.
  3. If you need to send actual, physical examples of your work, email Chad Savage for instructions.

When sending email, please be sure to indicate the convention about which you are inquiring (HorrorFind Weekend).



If you're sure you know what you're doing and you've read all the info on this page already, go ahead and register and get your paperwork.


  • Participating in the Art Show does not grant artists entry into HFW. Artists who wish to attend the convention must purchase passes.
  • HFW is a convention geared toward a dark aesthetic and, obviously, horror theme. Artwork shown in the art show should reflect that aesthetic.
  • Blatantly pornographic, racist or other hate-oriented artwork will not be permitted to hang.
  • Off-topic artwork will not be permitted to hang. This is a HORROR-themed convention; artwork should reflect that. Fairy cats and unicorns need not apply.
  • Space will be portioned out on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Photography will be permitted inside the Art Show room. If this is an issue for you, please advise IN ADVANCE.
  • There will be no smoking, food, beverages, or bags in the Art Show Room. You will be able to check your bags at the door.
  • HFW assumes NO LIABILITY FOR ARTWORK SHOWN. HFW will take every possible precaution to protect each artist's work, but in the unlikely event of theft, damage, etc., by participating in the Art Show, you do so at your own risk.
  • IMPORTANT! Due to the complex legal issues surrounding copyrights and intellectual property rights, the HorrorFind Weekend Horror Art Show will NOT accept artwork containing renderings and images of characters from movies, TV shows, etc. We don't want to get sued, and neither do you. You may have a great painting of Freddy Krueger or Otis Firefly, but you don't own the rights to that image - the movie studio that paid the make-up guy to create them does (or, the make-up guy himself does). If you're not sure, ask.


  • There is a $25 hanging fee per panel. Panel size is 4' x 4'. Limit 3 panels per artist. These spots fill up fast, so reserve yours today!
  • There is a $25 fee per 3' x 3' half-table [for sculptural / 3D work].


  • Mail-in artwork will be accepted at HFW. Artists who wish to mail their artwork or prints must include sufficient information and postage for return of unsold work. Artists who do not do so will have 30 days from the close of HFW to provide said information/postage to secure the return of their unsold work. Artists who have not provided necessary information/postage after 30 days of the close of HFW FORFEIT CLAIM TO UNSOLD ARTWORK/PRINTS.
  • Artists who are shipping their work and wish to have it insured when shipped back must include funds to do so. It is also possible to have shipping labels, complete with postage and pre-paid insurance, created and shipped in the package with your work. Check with your shipping provider of choice for details.
  • The HFW Art Show shipping address is:
    HorrorFind Weekend Art Show
    Attention: Mike Roden
    2210 Ridgemont Drive
    Finksburg Maryland 21048
  • The deadline for mailed-in work and prints is Saturday, August 4, 2019.

Sales, Pricing & Commission

  • There will be a 15% commission collected for all art sold through the HFW Art Show.
  • You are not required to offer your work for sale (except for work placed in the Print Shop). Any or all of your artwork may be marked "NFS" (Not For Sale).
  • Artwork will be sold via Silent Auction. Each piece will have a Bid Sheet. Attendees who wish to bid/purchase will log their bids on the Bid Sheet. The highest bidder at the close of the Art Show will be the winner and may purchase the artwork immediately. Each Bid Sheet will have a QuickSale price (similar to eBay's "Buy It Now" system) which may be used if no bids have been placed and an attendee wants to secure the piece. However, artists are NOT required to include a QuickSale price, if they don't wish to.
  • Payment for sales of artwork and prints will be mailed via check or PayPal within 30 days after HFW.


  • Artwork must be presented in a professional manner. Flat work should be matted, framed or both. We will provide low-tack artist tape with which to attach bid sheets to each piece. Your work will be hung from hooks; please be sure that your work has a means by which it may be hung PRIOR TO BRINGING IT TO THE SHOW.
  • Artwork must be original work or limited-edition prints. Artwork that violates copyright laws, trademarks or other intellectual property rights will not be permitted to hang.
  • All artwork should have artist's name, title and contact information somewhere on the back, independent of any HFW labeling. If an artist fails to properly label his/her work, HFW cannot be held responsible should it become lost or improperly credited.

The Print Shop

  • There will be a Print Shop for artists to sell prints of their work (50 prints maximum). HFW will charge a 25% commission for prints sold through the print shop, and a $5.00 placement fee per artist. Please label your prints clearly on the back, including price. Failure to do so may result in incorrect accounting of your sales.


  • The HFW Horror Art Show will be open during Dealers Room hours
  • Setup begins at noon on Friday, August 10 through 5:00 pm. Artists who can't make it to set up in this timeframe can setup Friday night or Saturday, if necessary.



Once you're juried, please use this form to pay for your Art Show Fees.

Click the button for the item you want to pay for, which will open a PayPal Shopping Cart in a new window. You can choose quantities in that window, then come back to this page and click additional items to add them to the Shopping Cart.

When you're ready to check out, follow the links on the Shopping Cart page.

$25.00 each





If, while trying to process your Paypal payment, you receive the error message:
"security failure: data decryption error"
it means your browser is not compatible with PayPal's security settings.
Please try using another browser. We highly recommend FireFox for both Mac & PC.

We apologize for any inconvienence/frustration this glitch may cause you.



All participating artists who are showing original artwork on panels or tabletop must submit an Art Show Control Sheet.

Artists wishing to place prints in the Print Shop must submit a Print Shop Control Sheet.

ALL participating artists must submit a signed Art Show Waiver.

These forms may be:

  • Faxed to 773-913-2331
  • Emailed as high-resolution scans to artshow@sinistervisions.net
  • Shipped with mailed-in artwork
  • Brought in person to the Art Show

You'll then need to download either the Amateur or Professional Bid Sheet page. Each page has 4 bid sheets - print out as many as you need and attach one to each piece of artwork to be displayed (see the Art Show Rules & Guidelines above for explanations and directions).

All forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can download the free Acrobat Reader HERE. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader


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